For many years now Jägermeister has been supporting artists, creatives and collaborators from the nightlife community. Find out how this community of over 700 artists globally have been helping keep nightlife alive, through the financial support they’ve received over the past few months.


Having a party? Book me to help you turn it up a notch! Got some music you are thinking of putting out? Book me to listen and give you some feedback. Building a brand or starting a business? I’m happy to help consult you on that too! Want to lose weight but not sure how to get a kickstart? I’ve got you. Want to talk about some amazing books that can help uplift your spirits or educate you on a specific field? Happy to share a few of my faves! Need a digital dance partner? I’m not that great but here to help with that too!

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Here to disrupt! Join me as we change the narrative! By us all supporting the creators and visionaries we believe in, we cut out the middle men and; the gate keepers. The shift is coming! What side will you be on?


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