South Dade Toyota Laces Yes Julz With a New Whip – by CrisDaCat

New year, new whip. Enter South Dade Toyota.


If you’re an avid watcher of Julz snap chat, you’ve noticed that she seems to get around by means. She SnapChats on bikes, in her Uber, on the plane, and remember when she had that motorcycle? Well luckily for Julz, getting around will be a lot easier now. Thanks to South Dade Toyota, Julz will be getting a brand new whip so hopefully her driving skills have improved 😀


Her biggest problem isn’t so much getting around, but not being able to see her family in Tampa. While flying would only take 45 minutes, it’s much cheaper to get there in her new Toyoya Highlander AKA the YesJulz Mobile SKRT SKRT. The fully equipped Highlander has all of needs of the Yes Julz Agency.


Our new ride has eight seats, just enough for everyone in the squad! In the back seat (where all the fun happens) we’re loaded with 9-inch TV screens and wireless headphones to watch movies on.  The Highlander comes with turn-by-turn navigation so we don’t end up lost and the standard back up camera is included to eliminate any accidents backing up. The JulzMobile gets an estimated 27-mpg in the streets of Miami and 28-mpg on the Turnpike, which means we don’t have to stop for gas or a snap chat break so often.


Imagine the adventures we can have in our new ride! Expect to see our new ride at the monthly Hashtag Lunchbag event, exclusive interviews from your favorite artists while riding around our MYami streets and an upcoming vlog series of what goes really down in the back seat all curated by YesJulz Agency. Are you ready to ride with us?

Photos by Andre Rene & Cris