Blair Cassuto

#NewMusicMondayz: February 13th, 2017 – by Blair Cassuto

Coming off of the magical night of The Grammy’s yesterday, music has been the only thing we’ve been listening to and talking about. Now more than ever, independent artists are able to create their own brand through social media and end up winning Grammy awards over the world’s biggest artists. The time is now to showcase your talent and solidify your brand.

This week’s list kicks off with Lion Babe’s new song “Rockets” featuring Moe Moks. With every new release, she showcases an elevation and refinement of sound. She has found her lane and she shows that it’s working.  Next up is Quentin Miller, the artist and songwriter who gained notoriety for being behind several of Drake’s hit singles when the demos surfaced. Since then, he’s been consistently releasing new music, showing the world that he deserves his own shine, too.

B.o.B. surprises with his most recent drop “Fake Friends, ” also on the list. He blends several genres of music into one song created with seamless production. Other notable mentions include BJ the Chicago Kid’s song “Roses,” and DJ Khaled’s “Shining” featuring Jay Z and Beyonce, which dropped right after The Grammy’s.


Sit back, relax and press play. It’s #NewMusicMondayz.