New site, Who This? – by D'ana


When the team started pushing out more blog post last year, we had no idea the immense growth spurt in traffic yesjulz.com would incur. We thought “Oh, by next year we will have x amount of page views..” but fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

 Month by month, yesjulz.com was doubling in page views and the demand was off-the-charts, as we started experiencing some difficulties in speed and over-all user experience.

 So it was time to start drawing up a plan to launch a new site that would bring a better overall experience to our readers from: refined categories, optimized images and an improved mobile interface.

 For months, Guigo from Stilt Media and I underwent numerous e-mails, occasional meetings with Julz when she was in town and a few video calls to finalize where we are now. Which I have to admit, Guigo and the Stiltmedia team has been heavily involved from start to finish and incredibly patient, willing and diligent in launching the new site.

 We aim to bring more features and categories as well as amazing guest writers to continue contributing to yesjulz.com with the new site.

Also, we hope that all our readers are able to fully experience all the fresh content and reliable connectivity whether through desktop or mobile.

 With all that being said, we are happy to introduce the new and improved yesjulz.com