Blair Cassuto

#NeverNotWorking Podcast Ep.7 with Snappy Jit – by Blair Cassuto

The #NeverNotWorking podcast is back and this low key JUST MIGHT be the coolest episode Julz has ever done. If you’ve never heard of Snappy Jit, it’s time to get familiar, because this collaborative duo is one of the masterminds behind the rise of booty bass music in Miami. What is booty bass you may ask? Well, leave all your pre-conceived notions of it at the door, because this conversation is about to school you.


First of all, you’ve never seen Snappy Jit in person until now. Yes, you read that correctly. They have never done in-person interviews simply because they prefer their brand to be solely focused on the music, something both incredibly rare and extremely admirable. These days, people have it backwards, but you can always leave it to these Miami legends to keep it nothing less than one hunnid.


Julz and Snappy Jit met at Red Bull’s United States of Bass event that was going on in Miami a few weeks back at Gramps and hit it off instantly. They clicked over their passion to put Miami on the map as a well-respected central hub of music, fashion, and culture, which naturally led to them doing a podcast together. If you’re from Miami, you know how underrated we are. After all, we’ve got the tastiest food, most beautiful women, and incredibly legendary parties (especially if they’re produced or hosted by YesJulz, ut hey, that’s just our opinion! ;))


The name Snappy Jit was a “collective process,” says the duo, who explained that back in the day in Miami, if you were killing it with your dance moves and were swagged out you were “snappin’” and “jit” is a word commonly used to describe a young kid. Put the two together and their energy is equivalent to a snapping jit always on the move. If their name doesn’t describe it enough, their official mascot is an awesome character with green hair who’s always dancing, looking to inspire the people around him to become engulfed in the music around them and transform their everyday monotony. We loved the whole concept of the duo and the good vibes they intend to spread, right up the YesJuzl agency alley!


Make sure to listen to the entire #NeverNotWorking podcast with Snappy Jit below. There are some incredible gems you really don’t want to miss! Keep it locked at to see who will be chosen for the next episode. *dun dun dunnnn*