Whitney Allen

#NeverNotWorking: 4 Ways to Build a Career While in College – by Whitney Allen

Being a full time college student is a job itself, but unfortunately isn’t enough in today’s world. Stepping outside of the box and into your field of study before walking across the stage is now the only option. College provides various prospects to build and develop skills that can lead you to your career path, but it’s up to you to construct your own. Here are a few keys and systematic guidelines to craft your career while being a student and securing your dream job after graduation. Always retain the following, be patient, follow your systematic method, stay consistent and trust the process.

Step 1: Learn and observe

Gain a mentor in your field of study and observe his or her’s ins and outs. Think critically, and approach questions that can allow you to view diverse aspects. Create the reputation of someone who’ s indomitable to build an impact let others visualize the boss in you. Develop your ability to find relevant updated information and continuously stay on top of everything regarding your career path.

Step 2: Plan and Execute

The major key component to structuring your career is planning. Develop a road map for your vision & execute each step of the way of your journey. Set goals (short term) for the current year and (long term) for down the road. Once this process is initiated the second component falls in place. While planning develop a systematic method that you have prearranged for your business/career, marketing techniques will play a major role in this aspect. Revising and adjusting will take place once you began your path and find out what strategy works best for you and your path to success.

Step 3: Network and build relationships with potential partners

Genuine contact and building relationships with people in your field can help shape your career/ business into a success. Share advice; turn to your network someone with more knowledge and experience in your field. The right contact could benefit your need of help. Word of mouth marketing; Referrals are a very admired way many businesses get their business. Free, unbiased and effective way for promotion opportunities and growth of your business. Satisfied customers, friends and family members enjoy sharing good business and careers around. With allies aside you, you have the ability to achieve much more than standing alone. Return the gallantry and help others by providing them beneficial essentials along their path.

Step 4: Develop discipline

Cheers to a step closer to graduation, your dream career and success! Self-management is a must have quality that you are now capable of. Consuming your time, money and resources in an effective way is now a piece of cake. Take your knowledge and experience and mentor someone that’s in the same direction you were in throughout the beginning of your journey. The cycle in business never ends as a business operator you’re #NEVERNOTWORKING. Be ready , stay focused and enjoy the ride.