Polly Irungu

“Juju On That Beat” star, Zayion McCall, on Impacting Culture – by Polly Irungu

Detroit is home to some of the biggest names in the music industry and is also home to two teen brothers, Zayion McCall and Zay Hilfiger, who shook up the industry with just one song. These two young brothers, impacted the culture immediately when their song “Juju On That Beat” went viral. In less than three months, the track had over 100 million views on YouTube. It was also accompanied with a dance which had Ciara, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Nick Young, Rihanna and many more people Jujuing To That Beat.

We sat down with one of the brothers, Zayion McCall to learn first-hand what’s like to impact culture and what fans can expect next.

Source: Billboard

What is it like when you hear “Juju On That Beat” play?
In the beginning, it was like crazy, but now I’m just focused on the follow-up.

How does it feel to be apart of a viral sensation?
It’s a great feeling. It’s crazy to see celebrities dancing to it and see how you can move the world by having them doing something totally different.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that has done the dance?
Rocsi Diaz from 106 & Park.

What kind of opportunities has this brought you?
As an artist, it has opened up more doors. Being able to expand your horizons, new connections, and everything like that.

Who’s an artist that has influenced your style?
The main ones, Eminem and Chris Brown. I can really connect with Eminem because of his backstory and being from detroit as well it’s a huge motivation. I started listening to Chris Brown when I was really young. After his first song, ‘Run It’, on 106 & Park he became my inspiration and the reason why I started.

How do you overcome a creative block?
The part I like the most when I making a song is if I get stuck for a long period of time, because then I actually prime out the next part to go to, it’s the best feeling ever. I feel like I have accomplished something.

What does it feel like to have celebrity status in your hometown?
It’s funny because people expect me to have a huge entourage. Whenever I go out, I usually go out by myself and throw a hood on or something. It doesn’t kick in until people actually recognize me. Whenever I’m in town, I still go to my old school to kick it.

What drives you?
I have seven siblings and they all keep me going. Like, I just bought my little niece a drumset for Christmas and now she plays with me for fun.

How has your new found fame impacted relationships with your friends?
I still hang around with the same people. I kick it with all of my brothers, who’ve rocked with me from the beginning. We were just in the studio the other day.

Who would you like to work with?
I’m hoping Eminem, G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly, and Chris Brown.

What’s your advice for aspiring artists?
We all grow different, but my advice to everyone is not too care so much about what people think. I never really cared about what anyone thought. And I used to do everything for myself, put my music out on my own and only got support from my dad. No real support from anyone, just making money on my own. Now I still handle some on my own and the people who are around me are for good vibes.

What can fans expect next?
My album, “I Know They Won’t Like This” is dropping on May 5th and my mixtape, “Famously Famous” is on the way. I also have a movie coming out next August.

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