Whitney Allen

How to Nail The Internship of Your Dreams – by Whitney Allen

Starting off in your dream career without much experience can be intimidating. Here’s few guidelines on how to nail your next internship and become a footstep closer to your dream position.

Identify the Company

Research, research, research know the company, love the company and breathe the company. If you’re a college student and interested in a certain field of your major, utilize your resources on campus and visit your career center. Never limit your opportunities, choose and pick where you want to work and start applying. Apply for everything at the same time for the company, follow up and send a professional email. Getting your foot in the door of your dream job is more important than being picky in the beginning.

Be Prepared for the Interview

Be prepared for not only questions about the company but a general description of why you’re the candidate for the position. Take full advantage of the practice interview questions, located at your campus career center. When the big day comes around for the interview, dress professional, arrive thirty minutes early and don’t leave without asking relevant questions for the position your applying for. This will give you an overall ideal of how you can expect your workday at the company. Once the interview is completed,
2-3 business days later they should receive a hand written thank you note from you.

Expectation Vs. Reality

Don’t hold yourself back on anything you set your mind to. Take full advantage of every opportunity prearranged. When given a task continuously go beyond the call of duty even if it’s challenging. When going into major brand or company as an intern the expectations of the glamorous life seen on television can be ran over by the reality of the behind the scenes duties of an intern. While interning keep your eyes open for any networking opportunities that come your way, you never know who you could run into that can help change your career thorough every point. Always keep your communication skills and time responsive prompt within a 24-hour time frame when given a task. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and communicate your workload from department to department and ask about the priority. Go into your internship with a goal and touch base with your employer, keep them updated on the goals you’ve set for yourself while working for the company so they can give your task that are related to your ambitions. As your internship comes to an end, leave a remarkable goodbye and expect a call back for a second round. The relationships you’ve built while working for the company can help you in the long run with future job opportunities. The skills and knowledge you’ve gained while working with that company can help you in your everyday life and be beneficial for your next job opportunity. Always keep in touch with your employers for any extra networking or job advice for the future; never stop climbing the industry ladder and always keep an open mind. Listen, learn and observe and you’ll nail every position you apply for.