Blair Cassuto

Fun Fridays Recap – by Blair Cassuto


YesJulz Agency and Moving Forward Together joined forces for yet another successful and impactful Fun Friday! We returned to our favorite school, Charles Drew Elementary, which has become sorely underfunded, especially within the last few months. Unfortunately, these young, inspiring children were stripped of all of their creative classes. From art club to theater, they no longer had an outlet to express  themselves. So what did we do? We brought the art to them! We took over their field and played games, conducted group dance classes, and even brought art to the classroom. All of this was done with pizza of course…


Our previous Fun Friday visit to Charles Drew Elementary School definitely sent the children home with a smile, but this time was just a little different. Yes, we brought creativity to groups of kids, but what made it truly special was that Fusion, our favorite pop culture satire and news outlet, came to capture all of the Fun Friday goodness. Fusion does an incredible job at keeping us updated and laughing through our work breaks, so we knew they would fit in just fine. The taping did shed light on the fact that YesJulz Agency does more than just throw parties – we give back too.


I had the pleasure of teaching an art class along with Claudia, a generous volunteer. For my art project, I asked the kids to tell me all of their favorite things in the form of a picture collage. Broward Public School Library graciously donated over 50 magazines to the students and gave the kids a chance to express themselves. Each child cut out photos and words from the magazines and create a summary of everything they like. From pictures of idolized athletes, favorite dishes, and activities. While things DID get a bit messy from the glue and markers, there was no doubt that these kids have such a hunger and willingness to create.


In the cafeteria, a whole other party was going down. Tiffany Jackson, AKA Ms. Bootywork, hosted her infamous dance class with the help of Silent Revolution Headphones. Have you ever taken a headphones only dance class?! The kids leaned back, dabbed, and hit the Quan all afternoon. Julz even learned a dance move or two.


For aspiring cheerleaders, former Florida International University cheerleader, Cassidy Jordan, and the UM Sensations came out to show us how to shake our pom poms. Literally. Our teachers lead the groups through a few cheers then performed a dance during lunchtime.

Because precious moments are even better captured on tape to watch later, Fusion helped us out majorly with a camera crew. They caught every cart class, dance off, and bite of pizza for a story that was featured on the Discovery section of Snapchat. The kids LOVED having their photo taken and interacting with Julz! She made sure ach student had their 10 seconds of fame with the Snap Queen!


With Julz directing the vibes, Fun Friday keeps getting bigger and better. Special thanks to Caffé Italia for supplying the amazing pizza, BRUH for the delicious cookies, and our volunteers for making this happen. Want to make Friday’s fun with us? More information on donating and volunteering are on our Go Fund Me page.  We’d love to make every Friday Fun at Charles Drew Elementary School, so we need your help!


Photos by Paul-Vincent Alexander