Breanna Chi'anne

Five Reasons Why Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine Deserves More Credit – by Breanna Chi'anne

Mac Miller has always been sort of a wild child in the music industry. Not just in his behavior, but in his unique, versatile musical styling. While it’s easy for fans to get hype to projects like Macadelic or vibe out to Blue Slide Park, his most recent The Divine Feminine hasn’t had the same type of reception by all. This masterpiece surprisingly flew under the radar by many, but we won’t let it slide.

That being said, we’re going to break down the top five reasons why The Divine Feminine deserves more credit.

1. Since recovering from a dark past of drug use, Mac Miller is able to celebrate not only a sober lifestyle, but the newfound love he discovered in the process. It’s an unfamiliar side of Mac that music listeners don’t usually see that adds a sense of vulnerability he’s not ashamed of showing. The safety he feels in “the feminine energy of the planet” overpowers all negative things around him, bringing him peace and making it okay to yearn for romance and intimacy.

2. Having the person who’s brought Mac this sense of tranquility made The Divine Feminine all the more passionate. Enjoying his public love affair with singer Ariana Grande, the artists have been unafraid in expressing their devotion to each other on both social media and throughout the album. Though it’s not a joint album, Ariana’s presence is known. You can hear the calmness in Mac’s tone as he rhymes about the power of love with hints of vocals from the songstress.

3. The simplicity of the songs are another reason why The Divine Feminine is a must-have experience. From the soft graphics for the cover art to the music. Each track gives a different style and sound, but still delivers the same message. All the while making it relatable for every listener. Rather than using complicated metaphors that may go over your head, he blatantly just expresses “I love you.”

4. The line up for the album was perfectly fit for each featured artist. Everyone had their own distinct sounds that brought something different to each song. Ty Dolla $ign’s chorus on “Cinderella” was sweet and innocent compared to Kendrick’s playful, poetic sounds in “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty.”

5. In an industry that’s big on individuality, Mac Miller is a force like no other. He’s tackled the responsibilities of producing and creating original content for his music, which constantly set him apart from the others. There’s never any doubting Mac’s talent because his consistent work ethic has helped him ink his well-earned respect among peers. With that, he can consider The Divine Feminine another W for the books.