Blair Cassuto

10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the #NeverNotWorking Gal – by Blair Cassuto

Dating a #NeverNotWorking gal isn’t easy. She’s answering e-mails during your precious cuddle time and taking meetings before her first cup of coffee, but you gotta love a girl who’s driven. Valentine’s Day is a day to reflect and show your girl how much you really care about her. She might be the hardest person to buy gifts for, so we did the work for you. Who knows, they just might make her put her phone down.


1. The Wine Purse 


2. A relatable agenda


5. Treat YoSelf Cuff Bracelet


3. The Perfect Mug



7. An at home Zeel massage



3. Ms. Betty’s Original Bad Ass Bitch Scented Soy Candle


6. The Self Journal



9. An external charger


10. Cookie Monster Subscription Box